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Complete/Partial Dentures Fixing

Complete Dentures:

Dentures are replacement for partial or complete loss of single or multiple teeth. The importance of teeth does not need to be mentioned, it is a well known and frequently used part of the body. Arpan Dental Clinic provides Complete Dentures Fixing In Mumbai in case you have lost all your teeth. Dr. Chandra Pal prefers leaving the gums after teeth removal so that they get aligned in shape and do not cause problem. The clinic also provides Complete Dentures Fixing In Kurla West at reasonable rates. The dentures come in different brands and quality ranging from conventional to BPS and are fitted accordingly depending on the need of patients.

Partial Dentures:

In case you have lost only few teeth and are looking for solutions to fix them, Arpan Clinic provides to its patients Partial Dentures Fixing In Mumbai with a host of other related services. Partial dentures are removable and are easy to use. Before fixing dentures we take computerised measurements of various parts so that the designed product perfectly fits in the mouth and does not create any problem while chewing. If you are confused between dental implants and dentures, then we are here to guide you. The services for Partial Dentures Fixing In Kurla West is available at a cheaper rate than dental implants. Also it is easy to replace dentures in case of fracture or damage.

Taking Care of dentures:

It is very important to take care of your dentures for a healthy life. Here are a few advices that can help you:

  • Visit the doctor in case of any breakage or damage and do not attempt to repair it on your own.
  • Keep the dentures in water or denture cleaning solution only
  • Brush the denture daily to remove staining and prevent discoloration
  • Take care of your own oral hygiene by brushing around gums and tongue daily.




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