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Crowns and Bridges Fixing

Tooth loss results in empty space in the teeth lining. This can lead other teeth to shift and change alignment leading to tooth bite. The ones who have faced tooth loss know the pain such a bite can create every time you chew. It is not just problematic but painful making one extremely cautious while chewing food. People facing such issues can get Crowns And Bridges Fixing In Mumbai at an affordable rate. Proper care is taken to make such implants long lasting. Crowns are generally made of metals such as gold or platinum or alloys for a longer life.

Types of Crowns:

High end metals and alloys are mainly inert and do not undergo wear and tear for a long time. The major drawback of such metals is that they have a different colour than natural teeth and so are suitable to be used in molar areas, away from sight. Another crown type is Porcelain fused to Metal type. It can have natural colour like the adjoining tooth and therefore is suitable to be used in front areas of teeth. One major drawback is that as compared to metals crowns they are more prone to wear and tear. All resin and all porcelain crowns are suitable for people with metal allergies.

Procedures Involved:

Getting crowns and bridges fixed may look complicated but it is totally hassle free and your cosmetic dentist is well versed to guide you through. Arpan Dental Clinic provides Crowns And Bridges Fixing In Kurla West for all types of patients – old and new. The dentists at our clinic use digital scanner to get impressions of your teeth. The dentist will also help you choose the type of crown to be used. After taking impressions, the clinic places an order for such measurement at a dental lab. It usually takes not more than a week to receive the crown which is then placed with due care in the designated space in mouth.




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