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Dental Ceramics

Reason to use Ceramics in Dentistry

Dental ceramics are made by heating different materials providing them a hard, brittle and shiny nature. Good quality of Dental Ceramics In Mumbai are used by dentists at Arpan Dental to provide various kinds of cosmetic treatment to patients which include crown, bridges and veneers. These treatments have helped our patients improve their looks and teeth structure and quality. Proper type of Dental Ceramics In Kurla West are used because they are biocompatible, aesthetic, insoluble and have good strength. Zirconia based porcelain are also used in certain type of prosthetics.

Ceramic vs Metal

Dental materials which are ceramic based show low tensile strength as compared to metal. If they fracture inside the root canal, it can create problem too. Metal based prosthesis combine their tensile strength with aesthetic qualities of ceramics and so are more in use till date. They are more commonly used in Dental Ceramics In Mumbai as compared to pure ceramic based prosthetics. However with development in bonding qualities of ceramics their use has begun to increase. Full ceramic based prosthetics are also beneficial for patients who exhibit allergies to metals.
Dental ceramics can be used for all types of dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, dentures, veneers, etc. In case of metal implants too they find use so as to give a natural look to such implants. Ceramics can vary in opacity from being translucent to totally opaque owing to their microstructure. The major reason to use ceramics in dental implants is their superior wear resistance. However, there are also disadvantages such as their brittle nature, susceptibility to debonding, etc. due to which we use the composition of dental implants or treatments according to the need of patients. Use of endodontic ceramic posts also can cause problem in case of fracture as it is very difficult to remove them as compared to metals.




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