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Dental Fillings

Dental Cavity can lead to many problems such as sensitivity, pain and swelling. Also when it persists for long it can lead to decay of other parts as well. Cavities are produced by acid producing bacteria present in mouth which feed on food particles left in mouth. Such cavities need proper treatment and the site needs to be filled so as to improve teeth structure. In many cases the dentist prefers to remove the affected tooth and such resulting space may too cause many problems. Hollow spaces in teeth lead to tooth bite and creates many problem in eating and speaking. Also if it is in the visible region, it can take a toll over your looks.

To treat damaged tooth caused by decay, filling is very important. Before the filling doctor removes the affected tooth, cleans the area and then fills it with filling material. Arpan Dental Clinic provides Dental Fillings In Mumbai for tooth decay using best materials and equipments. Before filling the designated area, doctor gives you anesthesia and removes any decay using a drill. In the next step doctor places the resin or filling material and bonds it properly after which it is polished to give it perfect shape and smooth texture.

There are many options available for tooth filling. The filling includes gold, silver, amalgam, porcelain and tooth coloured composite material. Apar Dental Clinic provides good quality of Dental Fillings In Kurla West at effective prices. Now for your knowledge let’s take a look at all the types of dental fillings and their pros and cons. Amalgam fillings are made up of a number of metals so they are strong but are easily visible while speaking or laughing. Gold fillings are long lasting but have a different colour from the original teeth while ceramic filling is tooth coloured but not as hard as metals and so are easily breakable. The doctor prescribes the filling type suitable for your condition and budget.




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