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Dental X-Ray

Dental X Rays use low level of radiation to evaluate oral health of patients. Chiefly, dental X rays are of two types- Intra Oral X Rays and Extra Oral X Rays. The former is used to look for health of the tooth, surrounding bones and gums while the latter is used in problems associated with jaws and skulls. Doctors might need to do X Rays frequently depending on your dental history and present condition so as to get proper diagnosis and status report if you are in the middle of treatment.

Why Choose Dental X -Ray?

Dental X Rays provide in depth image of a patient’s gums, tooth and surrounding areas which are not visible with naked eyes. It is not only helpful in diagnosis but also in prevention in case a problem is about to develop into serious dental issue. Arpan Dental Clinic in Mumbai helps you in getting Dental X Ray In Mumbai through latest X Ray machines. The X Ray machines are capable of showing tip of the root which help doctors in detecting the presence of any cysts, abscesses or any other masses. It also helps us in finding presence and extent of bone loss caused due to periodontal disease. The clinic provides Bitewing and Panoramic radiography.

Process Involved:

Dental X Ray is performed using simple procedure. Patients should brush their teeth properly before X Ray. This should be done in order to take care of hygiene of those scanning their gums. Arpan Dental provides Dental X Ray In Mumbai using simple procedure. Firstly, the doctor covers the patient with a heavy lead apron to protect her from radiation. In the next step the doctor will insert a small plastic in her mouth ask to bite down. This helps in getting proper image. In last step the doctor will proceed to take X Ray picture of the targeted area. The process is safe to use and would be done several times to get proper picture.




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