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Impaction/Impacted Tooth Extraction

A normal person has 32 teeth which grow at different point of time with age. Molar teeth are the last to grow. Each person has a different structure and shape of oral cavity due to which molars, sometimes, find no space for proper growth. Insufficient space leads other teeth to change shape and alignment in order to make enough space for them. This is mainly the case with wisdom teeth which does not come out through the gum line but remains hidden inside the bones.

It is important to extract impacted tooth because of following reasons:

  • Partially erupted tooth can lead to many bacterial infection
  • A tooth lying under the gums can lead to development of cyst that can cause damage to surrounding areas.
  • Wisdom teeth have a crooked structure which can disorient surrounding areas thereby distorting the full alignment of teeth

It is because of such reasons that Arpan Dental Clinic under the guidance of Dr. Chandra Pal recommeds patients to go for Impacted Tooth Extraction In Kurla West which is totally reliable and painless. Before tooth extraction X Ray is done to know about the underlying bone and detect the presence of cyst, if any. Thereafter, local anesthesia is provided to numb the surrounding areas so as to make the experience totally painless.
Our doctors are specialist in performing tooth extraction procedures and use both simple and surgical method for extraction. The surgical methods used in Impaction Tooth Extraction In Mumbai at Arpan Dental Care is reliable and is performed using quality tools. The staff is well experienced to handle such cases and proper care is taken to avoid any complications. Surgical method involves incision of the ingivnia and segmentation of the tooth. In simple extraction no such procedures are required. The impaction level found in your teeth is directly correlated with the nature of procedure to be performed for extraction. We at Arpan Dental Clinic are effective in dealing with such cases and perform quality procedures in a time bound manner.




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