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What is Invisalign

Does misaligned teeth spoil your looks and you find traditional braces non appealing? You are at the right place to find a proper alternative to traditional braces and that is Invisalign. They are custom made aligners and new in the market. Since, they are made of clear material, they don’t take away the beautiful looks of your face when you smile. Invisalign is brand name aligner that is changed every two to Four weeks for a period of one and a half year or more depending on your teeth type. It is a orthodontic treatment which works similar to mouth retainers.

Traditional Braces vs Invisalign:

Invisalign are precision driven and fit your gums perfectly while braces need constant care during eating hard things, playing contact games, etc.. Invisalign can be easily put in and out letting you relish your favourite food with ease. They are also easy to use and maintain unlike braces. Also braces don’t bear aesthetic looks unlike Invisalign. We at Arpan Dental Clinic can help you to get your favourite Invisalign In Mumbai by providing better guidance and measurement for impression. All you need to do is visit clinic in a few weeks to get new aligners so as to enhance teeth alignment.

When to use Invisalign?

Patients have different orthodontic circumstances due to which we recommend you to consult a good dental clinic before opting for such aligners. We can help you in this regard by proper diagnosis and counseling at Arpan Dental Clinic who are pioneer in using services of Invisalign In Kurla West and have helped many patients through its use and application. Before choosing them it is important to know that it cannot be used in certain conditions of malocclusion and for alignment of molars with spaces in between them. This is because invisalign is not suitable for molars as they have deep roots and for such purposes metal braces are recommended.




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