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Straightening Teeth

Braces are not a new invention but their earlier use date back to 300-400 BC, first designed by Aristotle and Hippocrates. They are the most common form that can be used in straightening teeth. Metal braces have wider popularity because of its economical price range but are not cosmetically appealing. Other types of procedures that can be involved in tooth straightening include Invisalign and Cosmetic Contouring. Invisalign is made of clear plastic and so gives an appealing look as compared to metal braces. Other than this cosmetic contouring is available for teeth types that are not crooked but misshapen. It can be easily done within an hour’s time.

How Do Braces Work?

When asked about teeth straightening options, metal braces is the most common answer that people give. The braces work by exerting pressure on teeth to align them in proper shape. It consists of four parts- brackets, bonding material, arch wire and ligature elastic. Braces exert constant pressure through brackets which slowly moves the teeth to a new position. Subsequently, new bones grow to support it. Arpan Dental Clinic provides services for Teeth Straightening In Mumbai through metal braces and many other procedures but the former is more popular among our clients. The patient is asked to regularly visit the clinic for regular assessment.

Placement Procedure:

Are you curious to know how braces work? Here is the answer. They work by bone remodeling exercise which is responsible for making bone stronger due to constant load activity. If you are looking for Teeth Straightening in kurla west we are here to help you. Arpan Dental under the guidance of Dr. Chandra Pal provides professional care for teeth straightening. The initial step to the procedure is inspection of oral health by running X Rays. Any complications, if found are treated before going for teeth straightening. After taking measurements, spacers are fitted in order to create enough space for braces. Thereafter the braces are installed but the patient needs to regularly visit the clinic during the course of straightening procedure.




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