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Teeth Scaling and Polishing

Teeth scaling is the dental removal of plaque and calculus deposited over teeth with time. Plaque is a yellowish matter that gets deposited over teeth mainly formed from bacteria and polysaccharides while calculus is a hardened form of dental plaque formed due to minerals from saliva. The calculus so formed over teeth is rough and hardened thereby providing further ground for deposition of plaque. Such buildups can compromise the health of gums or gingival in the long run and are responsible for bad breath and receding gums.

If you are suffering from plaque or bad breath and want a lasting treatment for it, teeth scaling can be the perfect solution for you. Chewing gums are not going to help you long enough. You can get Teeth Scaling In Mumbai at reasonable rates by visiting Arpan Dental Clinic. It is advisable that one should regularly visit dentists to maintain good oral health and keep any dental problem in check. If you are experiencing bad breath or can feel too much plaque or calculus you need to go for Teeth Scaling In Kurla West to get proper dental care and help. Arpan Dental Clinic, housed by trained and well experienced staff will take care of all your dental needs.

After teeth scaling you need to have teeth polishing so as to get a flawless smile all day long. Commonly after scaling, dentists at Arpan Dental Care also provide you Teeth Polishing In Mumbai to maintain all round tone and texture of teeth. Tooth polishing is an easy and painless procedure which you will enjoy getting done. The dentist may use a small rubber cup and polishing agent or an air polishing system which is a pressurised jet of cleaning chemical depending on the on the level of stain. Arpan Dental Clinic provides Teeth Polishing In Kurla West to clients using both the methods. Generally Such polishing is optional for the patient but in cases where teeth scaling was done earlier it is highly recommended.




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